Sign up to IO Road in 3 Steps

Step 1. Choose your domain

Go to the Sign up page and choose the domain you want. In my case, the name of my company is “OpCode Solutions“, so I choose the short name “opcode“.

Sign up to IO Road - Choose your domain

Then click the “Sign up” button. IO Road will tell you if the domain is not available. In my case, my domain will be “” and I will direct my clients and providers┬áto when I want to share big files with them.

Step 2. Enter your email

This step is important, you need a valid email address. This will allow you to reset your password, receive notifications from your domain and optionally receive important news and information about IO Road service. Enter your email address and make sure it is typed correctly.

Sign up to IO Road - Enter your email

Other fields are populated with good values, you may leave them as is. Just click the “Sign up” button to complete this step.

Step 3. Choose your password

Congratulations, your domain is already created! Check your email (and spam folder), IO Road sent you a security code of 5 characters. You need this security code to set your password.

Sign up to IO Road - Choose your password

Enter the security code, type the password you want and click the “Set password” button. For security reasons, the security code can be tried only once and will auto-expire after 20 minutes. Don’t worry, at this point, you can always go to your domain and use the reset password function.

Here is a screenshot of a newly created domain in IO Road.

Sign up to IO Road - Newly Created Domain