IO Road allows you to transfer BIG files with your clients and providers. Top features are listed below.

No Ads

IO Road is a service for professionals. Don't let ads weaken your credibility with your clients and providers.


For all file transfers, the first 100MB is free . You also get free credits worth 10GB of bandwidth when you sign up (no credit card required). The best part: there is no monthly fee and your credits never expire.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Why pay 10$ per month when you only use 40GB of bandwidth? Why pay even more to get business features like branding, notifications and multi-user? IO Road charge only for the bandwidth and long term storage you use (no minimum). Everything else is free. You can refill your account online with as little as $2 (and up to $1000). We calculate your account balance with microdollar precision. See our prices for more details.

Send and Receive

It works both ways and you get to choose who can do what. For instance you can leave the "receive files" option turned off by default and enable it temporarly only for specific clients/providers.


Let your business partners know they are at the right place. Choose your colors and time zone. Show your company name, logo and tagline. Make your domain unique and gain credibility.


Get notified by email when:

  • Your file is delivered (client download)
  • You received a new file (client upload)
  • Your account balance falls below some threshold (configurable)

Not only you can turn notifications on and off, but the notifications can be sent to multiple email addresses.

Mobile Friendly

Access from anywhere with any device (phone, tablet, desktop), no installation required. This works on iPhone, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. All you need is a web-enabled device.
Check your mobile data plan, charges may apply.


We get paid on upload/download, we certainly won't throttle your transfers. Any slowdown translates in losses for us. The more traffic we get, the more servers we add.

Unlimited Users

Access to your domain is protected with username and password. You can have as many users as you want. There are 2 types of users:

Can only access their own folder
(providers would be in that category)
Can potentially access any folder

You can create users, change permissions, reset passwords, delete users as much as you want... for free.


Every single byte of any interaction with IO Road is encrypted with High-grade cipher using the SSL/TLS protocol to preserve confidentiality. This includes of course all file transfers. IO Road is rated A by Qualys SSL Labs

No installation

Simple to use with Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, no installation required. Open you favorite web browser, drag-n-drop to upload, click to download.

No Limits

There is no limit on the file size, the bandwidth, the storage, the number of uploads and downloads, the number of users, etc. You want more bandwidth, less storage? No problem, you pay only for what you use.

Detailed Transactions

Each file upload, download, storage and deletion is written to the transaction log. You can search the transaction log by date, user and file. You know who, what, when and how much it costs (file deletion if free).